The time when we can cook lots of meat

 Anisgul is from Afghanistan. Her native language is Pashto. She’s worked hard to learn English and has started her third year of study in America this year. Anisgul loves to cook. When you ask her what her favorite Afghan tradition is, it’s not surprising that it has to do with food.


Kofta. Image courtesy Barthateslisa


MY favorite tradition in Afghanistan is Great Eid, because during this time everyone sacrifices a sheep or a cow the first day of Eid. They give the meat to poor people and to their relatives. During this Eid a lot of people help poor people and care about them. My favorite part is that we have a lot of meat during this time and I can cook the meat in different ways. I like to prepare kabobs, kofta and seekh kabob. Kofta is a little like meatballs.

     The first time I cooked kofta I was a little sacred that I would burn all of the meat and it wouldn’t be delicious. When I was done cooking it, my family really liked it and told me it was delicious. I was so happy.

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