A girl, a mother

                                                               Sussan is from Afghanistan and dreams of being a journalist.


IN my country, a girl becomes a mother, carrying a new generation, bringing a life alive and living with each breath her child takes. The girl-mother loses her everything—her youth with all her girl wishes to be married when she is only 16 years old. She loses her hopes and her dreams. Forced to marry, she becomes not the person she wanted to be, but now she has only one wish—to have her own child and raise her to make her wishes come true and not let others take her dream away from her.  She lives every day with new, tiny, little clothes her child will wear.  She counts every day until the child comes. She never sighs, she always smiles believing her child will be an educated person, honest, and a good leader—a girl who could change the world .

     The girl-mother is proud to carry a glory—a girl with power—a new world. She knows she couldn’t be who she wants to be but her daughter could be. One day her daughter will reach freedom and change the old ways. Her daughter is born a light in darkness. 

     You girls who are educated, don’t be proud of your success—be proud of your mother who is the cause of your achievement and your happiness! Be proud of being a girl, a woman, with the world in your hand. Make it a utopia. Honor to the Afghan mothers! —Sussan

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