Our Afghan picnic


Dopiaza. Photo public domain.


Fairo is from Afghanistan and is studying to be a veterinarian. She is one of our newer writers.

LAST July, on an early and beautiful day, my family and I went to Qargha. My mother cooked dopiaza (a traditional Afghan food) and chips and made a complete salad. My father rented a car and we (my sisters, my brother and I) took what we needed and began a beautiful day among the hills and rivers of Afghanistan. We saw many beautiful places and a lot of animals, like cows and sheep. We saw strong and beautiful horses, so we all went riding and that was very enjoyable. Only, Eqlima, my little sister, was frightened by the horses and so she did not ride.

     Finally, we arrived at a green hill that was very nice. We got out of the car and walked to find a kapa. A kapa is a special outdoor place, like a little home, to have a picnic. Finally we found a good kapa. That was good because it was time for lunch. After an hour my father brought us ice cream and then we went to a playground. We enjoyed riding on a Ferris wheel. I sat in one basket with my father. Farida, Horia, Najma and Rashid sat in another basket. They are my sisters and brother. But Eqlima was afraid and so she did not ride on the Ferris wheel. 

     Then, I suddenly felt how much stress my father had. He was calling out to us that it was enough. After that we visited some gardens and then we went back home. We had best time with each other. This was the best vacation of my life. —Fairo

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