Fact Checked Fairy Tales

     #1 Little Red Hood

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ONCE there was a girl who everyone called Little Red Hood because she loved red sweatshirts with hoods. Even though she was now a teenager, everyone still called her Little Red Hood. Every Saturday she went to visit her grandmother. Her granny was very sweet and also made great strawberry pies. She lived in a house on the other side of a forest, so Little Red Hood had to walk through the forest to get to her house.  

     As always, Little Red Hood filled her backpack with big, red, ripe strawberries hoping that granny would get the hint and make a pie. One Saturday, however, in the middle of the forest, she met the BIG, BAD WOLF.

     The BIG, BAD WOLF said, “Where are you going young lady?”

     Little Red Hood knew all about those old, scary, fear-feeding fairy tales where wolves eat girls and sweet grandmothers. But she also knew they were totally fake, so she said, “Stop trying to trick me with your sweet talk. I know you and I’m not afraid of you! You’re a total fake. But, if you have to know, I’m going to see my grandfather. He and all his big, hungry dogs are coming this way looking for wolves to hunt.”

     “Wait a minute,” said the BIG, BAD WOLF!  That’s not how the story goes. Are you lying to me? You’re not supposed to lie!  Shame on you, young lady. You’re supposed to be going to your grandmother’s house so I can eat you and your sweet grandmother for lunch!”

      “And YOU shouldn’t trick girls so you can eat them and their grandmothers,” said Little Red Hood. “What gives you the right to do that?!” As soon as she said that, she hit her Big Bad Barking Dogs phone app. Instantly, the sound of big barking dogs filled the air. The wolf looked all around, terrified, and ran off.

     When Little Red Hood got to her grandmother’s house she told her what happened and they both had a good laugh thinking about how scared the BIG, BAD WOLF was. 

     But then Little Red Hood became very serious and said, “If it’s not alright for wolves to trick people, why is it OK for people to trick wolves?”

     Grandmother gave Little Red Hood a piece of strawberry pie but didn’t know how to answer her question.

     > What do you think? How would YOU answer Little Red Hood?

#2 Blondie and the three bears



One of the most popular fairy tales in the English Language is about a little white, blond-haired, blue-eyed girl who does so many things wrong you can hardly count them. The story is supposed to teach children not to do things that could hurt others. Let’s fact check the story and see if it actually teaches children to be good. 

ONCE upon a time there was a little blond-haired girl who lived near a forest. One day she decided to go for a walk in the woods even though her mother told her never to walk in the woods alone. 

    Soon, Blondie was lost, hungry and tired but, just at that moment, she saw a little house. She had no idea who lived there, but she knocked on the door anyway. No one answered, so she opened the door and went inside.

     She saw food on the table and, being very hungry, she decided to eat. There were 3 bowls of soup. She put her finger in the biggest bowl and found that it was too hot. She put her finger in a smaller bowl and found that it was too cold. Finally, she put her finger in the smallest bowl and it was just right. She sat down to eat the soup and immediately broke the chair because she was too big for it. So she stood up and ate all the soup. 

     Then she was tired so she decided to take a nap. She went upstairs and saw three beds. She jumped on the biggest bed but it was too hard. She jumped on the middle bed, but it was too soft.  Finally, you guessed it, the smallest bed was just right. So she slipped under the covers and went to sleep.

     While she was asleep, the owners of the house came home: a father bear, mother bear, and baby bear. They quickly discovered the baby’s broken chair and empty soup bowl.  Seeing no one around they ran upstairs and found a strange girl sleeping in the baby’s bed.  Blondie suddenly woke up, ran out of the house, and miraculously found her way home. When her mother asked her what she was doing all morning, she answered, “Oh, nothing!” 

     > What do YOU think? What lessons does this story teach children? 

#3 The Princess and the Peas



ONCE there was a princess who loved growing peas. Actually, she grew all her own vegetables—potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, beets, beans and peas—because growing your own food is very rewarding and good for the environment.

    Of course, the princess knew all about those old, stereotyped fairy tales where princes only marry princesses who do nothing all day but look in the mirror and comb their hair. But she also knew they were totally fake, so she followed her heart and grew veggies even though her knees and fingernails were always dirty.

    One day a prince came by during his morning jog and saw the beautiful young woman. He said, “Wow! You’re really beautiful for a gardener.”

     The princess answered, “I’m not the hired gardener. I’m the princess of this castle who happens to love to garden because it’s good for your health and good for the environment.” 

     The prince laughed and said, “You’re no princess and, even if you were, no one would ever marry you! Your fingernails are disgusting, your hair is messy, and you’re conceited!”

      That night as the princess sat eating a big bowl of fresh peas for dinner she thought to herself, “I’m so glad I’m a REAL princess!”  Before going to bed she had a big bowl of ice cream with fresh picked strawberries on top.

     > What do YOU think? What would make life like a fairy tale for you, having a prince for a husband or having a garden full of peas?

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