The surprise


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N June it was my daughter’s birthday. But she was alone because the same day I must work in another town so I couldn’t be with her.  The morning of her birthday I asked a flower shop to deliver her flowers. But she was feeling very sad because it was the first time in 17 years she spent her birthday without me. Her heart was broken. Her friends were coming to say “Happy Birthday” but something was missing because I was not there. 

    She did not know that I left my office at 5:30pm and rode a bus more than 3 hours to come home! When I arrived at my home at 9pm my daughter was so surprised and happy and started to cry because she had wished all day that I would be there. When she told me that I said to her, “We have 3 hours until the end of the day. Let us do something together.” So we prepared popcorn together. For about a half hour we stayed as a family: my husband, my son, my daughter and I. Then my daughter gave me a big hug and told me to go to sleep because she knew I was very tired.  

    The time was so short together but it was filled with much feeling.  —Precious Syrian Mom

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