It was not easy, but I did it!

Photo courtesy Jacek Dylag, Unsplash!


FOR the first time I tried to learn to ride a bike. I tried, tried and tried again but I couldn't ride a bike. When I went outside with my bike for the first time it was very hard for me because I could only ride where there were cars. I rode very slowly so the drivers got angry. Then I rode in our courtyard. I fell down many times. I hurt myself a lot. I broke two flowers and my dad was very angry.  The way I learned was not an easy way, but I did it. I hurt me knee, my hand, my head but for that I learned how to ride a bike.

     Now I can ride a bike very well. Now I’m in a bike club and help my friends learn to ride. I was the first one of my sisters who can ride a bike.    Bold Afghan Biker

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