An Afghan Diary

Excerpts from An Afghan Diary. Used with permission

August 25—
I’m thinking about people who have succeeded in life with a lot of troubles. . . .  All people want to be successful but all people are not. Every person in the world who has a goal will one day confront a lot of problems. When this happens, people are divided into two groups.      
     Type one: They try hard many times to get over their problems, but when they see the problems get bigger and bigger they think they are heading the wrong way. They doubt their goals. They feel weak and, at the end of the day, they say, “It’s over! I can’t resist anymore!”  And they give up.      
     But on the other side are successful people. They are so strong. Just like other people they have a lot of problems but they keep resisting. They know there is no person in the world who became successful without struggling with troubles. So they are patient. That makes them smart. If you want to be successful you must be so strong, and I think obstinate!     
      I read that problems are like rough waves on a windy night. A successful person is like a boat. They know how to overcome the waves of trouble. They go forward.  They believe that problems are temporary. So they never give up. Even if it takes a long time to succeed, these kind of people become successful.     
     You just live one time in this world with this identity. We must do our best to achieve all we want to do. Our problems are transient. They will go. So we will keep trying! Life never stays at the same place. This is what I thought today. 

August 26—
As I was thinking about what to write today, I was interrupted by someone knocking at our courtyard gate. It was my mother and aunt. . . . They came inside and I went to greet them. Mother brought some tea for my aunt and then they started to talk. I sat listening to their talks because their talks are always so pleasant and make me feel happy. So every time they talk I go to them to be with them but, unfortunately, this time their talk was not so pleasant. They were talking about the situation in these days. They said a lot of groceries are closed. (I don't go out these days.)
     They said they didn't see many women. If they saw someone she was covered with a strict hijab. They were talking about how many of our relatives have gone to other countries. . . .
     My aunt said her husband does not let her or their son watch the news because there is too much that is not true in the news. My uncle is very wise to stop them from being made to worry.
     They talked about a lot of things that made them sad. When I left them they were still talking but I came to write. It's a little bit sad, but I tried to be honest.

August 27—
How beautiful life can be with being kind to each other. Life is too short and nobody knows how long a person will be alive. A person is born one day and dies one day.
     We have a choice. We can make people happy or we can make them upset. But how good it is if you make them happy! This is so important, how you treat people. It is so important how much you love others, how much you respect people. All of these things shape your roots, your personality. People judge you based on your personality. People treat you based on how you treat them.
     People act like a mirror. Everything you show them they show you back the same thing. If you show them respect they will see themselves and show you respect. If you show them bad deeds, obviously they won't respect you. We should be so wise in how we treat people. We should never make someone upset because of us.
     How wonderful it is when people remember us with goodness.  When they remember us in front of others as having been a good person. Today I know that every time we must show the greatest version of ourselves to people. Nobody knows if it is the last time you will meet.

August 28—
It was 3am. Everybody was asleep except me. The house was filled with silence . I was in my room thinking about what to write. I was laying on the floor and looking at the clock on the wall. Suddenly I heard a voice say, "Why are you looking at me?" It was so strange because everybody was asleep. I looked around. I thought it must be an illusion and I ignored it.
     I looked at the clock again, and again I heard, "Why are you looking at me!? I will swallow
you up and send you far away!"
     I wanted to run and tell my family, but I walked toward the clock instead. And then every- thing around me began to change. I was now in a desert. I started to walk  toward a hill in the distance. I climbed it, then another hill and then another.  Finally I could see an old town.
     When I arrived at the town there were homes and shops. But they were very old and the people were very strange. They all seemed upset. I could not see any women anywhere. A car passed by me that looked like a police car but inside were strange people with old guns, long beards and dirty clothes.
     I asked an old man, "Who are they? Why is everyone staring at them?"
     He said, "They are our new government."
     I left him and went on my way.
     I was lost. I did not know what to do. I wanted to go back home because I didn't want my family to be concerned about me. I missed my friends. I missed everybody I love. . . .
     Once there was a little prince lost in a desert trying to find the meaning of life. His story is not over.

August 29—
Today was a very different day for us because we ate lunch not just with my family, but also with my two uncles' families.
     It was 7 in the morning when my mother woke me up and said, "Today we will have guests for lunch. Wake up and help me prepare. My mother is a very good cook and made lots of delicious foods.
     We were all waiting for our guests to come and when they came it was a very happy time together. After lunch we talked about many things. We talked and laughed a lot. I played games with my cousins and then near evening they went home.
     Today was a totally wonderful day.

August 31—
Today I read another chapter of The Little Prince. This book is so good. Today the book taught me that we always have what we need, but sometimes we just can’t see it at first. We can learn many things from reading, I think. . . .  Reading improves our thinking. It changes our view of the world. 

                                                                                                                        —The Diary Maker

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