A teacher’s gift

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IN June, my classmates, our teacher and I went to a beautiful place. It is 1 or 2 hours away from my home. It is a place for recreation. People go there for swimming and fun. My teacher gave us this trip because we graduated from 12th grade in school. She bought some food and fruits for us and made other things. 

     The day before going my teacher gave me some work. She gave me money and said I should buy food items. My school friend did some other work. He went to a place to get some ID cards. It’s like a ticket. He got cards for people who didn’t have them. 

    We left in the morning at 6am. On the way we saw some police and army bases. It felt a little unsafe but the morning was still my favorite part of our trip because the weather was very clean and there were not a lot of people on the road. The beautiful sunshine and playing in clean and cold water in the morning was very good. We filled bottles with water and squirted each other, but we didn’t squirt our teacher! 

    There were big mountains, and lots of trees and valleys. We saw mountain goats with different colors, black, gray, and white. This place is really beautiful with lots of lakes. We saw people and their families from the country I am from. That made me feel happy seeing my own people because I thought when we went there would be no people that we know and maybe we will not enjoy it very much. I felt like I was home when I saw them like everyone I knew was there. 

     We ate our breakfast and lunch outside. In the morning we ate two types of special bread with cheese, sugar, and black tea. We ate a lot! We made kababs for lunch.  We came back before nightfall.  —The Gentle Youth

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