The egg (2)

An old story from Russia

ONCE there lived a kind, old grandfather and grandmother. They had a small, beautiful chicken who loved Grandfather and Grandmother very much. Every day the little chicken laid one nice, tasty white egg which Grandfather and Grandmother shared for their breakfast. But one day she laid a golden egg! 

     Grandfather tried hard to crack the egg but he couldn’t. Grandmother tried carefully to crack the egg but she couldn’t. Just then a clever little mouse ran quickly across the table, grabbed the golden egg and ran off with it! 

     Grandfather cried and said, “Ah, we don’t have an egg for breakfast this morning!” Grandmother cried and said, “Oh, it was such a beautiful egg! How sad we cannot eat it now.”  Their kind, little chicken said, “Don’t cry, Grandfather! Don’t cry Grandmother. I will lay another egg tomorrow.” 

     The next day she laid a nice, white egg and everyone was happy.

* * * * *

     What do YOU think?  Grandmother and Grandfather were sad because they did not have an egg for breakfast.  What was the real reason to be sad?  What did Grandmother and Grandfather not understand?

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