Amin and the eggs (2)


Photo courtesy, Unsplash!

This wonderful, thinking story is adapted for English Language Learners from a very old Arabian tale.

ONCE, there lived a farmer called Amin. For many years there was no rain so he lost all his crops and became poor. He decided to look for work in another country. Before his journey, he asked a merchant to lend him a dozen boiled eggs. The next day he set off with his donkey.

After seven years, Amin came back to his native village a rich man! He was riding a beautiful black horse and had many camels carrying gold and silver. Soon everyone learned about his success and wealth. But when the merchant heard this news, he became greedy.  He went to Amim and told Amin to pay him 500 silver coins for the eggs he gave Amin 7 years ago. Amin refused to pay. The merchant was very angry and went to the local judge to make Amin pay.

On the day of the court hearing, Amin arrived forty minutes late! The judge asked, “Why are you late? Do you not have respect for the law?” Before Amin could answer, the merchant said to the judge, “Sir, Amin owes me 500 silver coins. I gave him a dozen [12] eggs 7 years ago. Twelve good chickens and roosters hatched from them. These would have laid even more eggs and given many, many more chickens! Amin must pay me for all those chickens.” 

The judge asked Amin, “What do you have to say for yourself?” Amin answered the judge, “Sir, forgive me for being late. I was planting a dozen boiled beans in the garden and this work made me late.” 

The judge answered, “Fool! Everyone knows boiled seeds will not grow!” At once Amin replied, “Yes, Sir.  And also, everyone knows that boiled eggs will not hatch into chickens.” 

With these words, Amin won the case and the merchant’s face filled with shame.

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