When to come and when to go (1)


       Do you know?


1)  This is a story about me. Do you see me in the photo? I am a brown grasshopper. I am sitting on a green leaf. I do not walk. I do not run. I hop. That is why I am called a grass-hopper. I hop over grass. Now I will tell you how to know when I come and when I go. Look at the photo, please. 

When I come, you see my face. I come to you<<<. I come to your garden. I come to eat green leaves in your garden. When you see me eating your green leaves, you are not happy. Then I go away   >>>




2)  In this picture I am going. When I go, you see my back. I turn my back and go!  Sometimes I go slowly because I like your garden. I like to eat your green leaves.  But I do not like it when you are mad at me. So, I go away from you like this: …>   .…>   .…>  .…>   >>>. 

 I go away from you and I go out of your garden. But tomorrow, when you are not looking, do not be surprised if I come again!    



COME or GO? 

3)  In the morning, the birds _____ to my window. They _____ to drink the water I give them.  It is sugar water. It is very sweet.  They _____ to my window because they love the sweet water.

Then they ____ back to the trees.  They sit and sing for me.  I love to hear them sing.  I leave my house and _____ into the garden to hear them.  Every morning I ____ into the garden so I can hear them sing.  

Later, when they want more to drink, they _____ back to my window.  Many different birds ______.  Some birds are orange.  Some birds are black, white and red.  Some birds are BIG and some birds are very small. When they _____ I am happy.  When they _____ away I am sad.

They ______ to my garden in the spring.  They live there all summer and then they _____ away in the winter when it is cold.

Do you have birds that ______ to your garden?  I hope so!


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