My name is Bumble (1)


I’ve = I have               you’ll = you will       you’re = you are             we’ll = we will


a lot  a little bit

beatruce's house


Greetings!  I am Bumble, the best of all bees.

I live in a flower under a tree.
I hope you’ll be happy to learn about me.
I’ve been waiting for
you to learn how to read.
And now it’s time to begin our story. 


Bumble, the bee, loves honey-buns and me. She eats the buns with honey, and drinks very sweet tea.  

Early one morning she said happily to me, “Let’s drink honey with tea! Oh, what fun that will be!” 

“But Bumble,” I softly replied (for I am a little bit shy), “you don’t drink honey with tea. You drink tea with honey!” 

     But Bumble the bee, did not believe me.



In the summer, Bumble sleeps on flowers. They do not mind. [They say, “Yes, be my guest.”] Flowers are very friendly. They are soft and yellow. They have a nice smell. Bees love them. When bees sleep, they have sweet dreams. If you sleep on flowers you will have sweet dreams too.   

     In the winter, Bumble lives in a little white house.  It has a red door.  From November until April, there is snow on the roof. Most people think that bees sleep in the winter.  This is because people never talk to bees. If people talked to bees they would know that bees are very busy in winter.  They fly in circles.  They sing.  And they think about people.  You did not know that bees think about people?  Of course they think about people!  Bees think that people sleep all winter.  


January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December.



January came and went.

February came and went.

March came and went.

April came and went!





“Where is spring?!” said Bumble one morning. “I am tired of snow. I am tired of the cold. I want to be in the garden. I want to sit on a tulip and talk to a rose.”  Just then she saw a bird fly by. Then she saw a squirrel run by. Behind the squirrel ran a dog. Behind the dog ran a cat. Behind the cat ran Me!  

     The bird was happy. The squirrel was happy. The dog and cat were happy. And when I saw Bumble, I was happy!  “Bumble! Happy Spring!” I said.  “It’s time to start flying in the garden.”

     Bumble put her yellow scarf around her neck and flew out of her little red house. Her wings were cold. Brrr! Her feet were cold. Brrr! And, worst of all, her nose was cold. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

     The sun looked at poor Bumble. A cold bee makes the sun feel very sad! The sun began to shine more warmly on Bumble, on the bird, on the squirrel, and on the dog, cat and Me! The lesson of this story is: if you are tired of winter and want warm spring days, ask a bee to come play!


raindrops on flowers


bee on flowers


greenhouse for vegetables

5) RAIN!

On Monday it was raining. On Tuesday it was raining. On Wednesday, Bumble began to cry because it was raining. Bees do not like rain. Rain makes their wings wet and they cannot fly. When bees cannot fly, they have to walk. It’s hard for bees to walk because their legs are very little, but their bodies are very big!

     Bumble saw her friend Beamka (a dog) in the garden. “Beamka,” she asked, “why is there Spring if there is no sun?”

    “Bumble, please ask me a little later, O.K.? I am very busy.”

    “What are you doing?” asked Bumble.

     “I am trying to catch my tail.”

   Then Bumble saw Poppins (a cat) and said, “Poppins, why is there Spring if there is no sun?” Cats also do not like rain. 

     Poppins said, “I’m sorry Bumble but I cannot stop to answer you. I am running to the greenhouse until it stops raining.  Why don’t you come too?  We can wait there together.”

     Bumble thought this was a very good idea, and so she and Poppins went to the greenhouse to wait for the rain to stop. Bumble and Poppins watched the rain fall on the roof of the greenhouse. Big drops of water  fell on the roof. This was the sound the raindrops made: PLOP … PLOP … PLOP.  Bumble flew to the roof of the greenhouse and said very loudly: “Raindrops, could you please tell me why is there Spring if there is no sun?

     The raindrops laughed and said, “April showers [soft rain] bring May flowers!”  

     “Oh, I understand!” said Bumble. “Rain means there will be flowers. Flowers mean there will be honey. And honey means I will be very happy!” 

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