The adventures of Poppins and Beamka (1)






CHAPTER 1: The story begins

Poppins is a cat. Poppins has a brother named Beamka. His brother is a dog. Poppins does not know that Beamka is a dog. Poppins thinks that Beamka is a very big cat.
     Yesterday Beamka and Poppins sat in the garden. The sun was shining. The wind was blowing.  Poppins and Beamka saw something move. It moved to the left. It moved to the right. It moved closer! It was very tall!  It had a long white tail and a big white head.  Poppins took it’s tail in his mouth. Beamka jumped on its head! BANG!
     “What was that?” I said.  I opened the door. Beamka ran into the house.  Poppins ran into the house.  I ran into the garden.  Sammy ran into the garden. Sammy is our neighbor. Sammy is 10 years old.  “Have you seen my white balloon?” he asked.





Prince Charming






 CHAPTER 2: The first adventure

Summer came. Poppins and Beamka said good-bye to their friends and left for their summer house. 

“Just think,” said Beamka. “All summer we will have peace. No little boys will scare us. And no flies will bite my nose."  

“We can sit all day by the lake and sleep,” said Poppins happily.

“Why do you want to do that?” said a little voice.

“Good morning,” said Beam. “Who are you?”

“I am a frog,” said the frog. “But you didn’t answer my question. Why do you want to sit by the lake all summer? You could have an adventure!”

“What kind of adventure?” asked Beam.

“The BEST adventure!” answered the frog.

“How do you know about adventures?” asked Beam. 

“Because I’m a frog. I see [understand] you never read a fairy tale. In fairy tales, if you kiss a frog, the frog becomes a prince. Many people have kissed me.” 

“Then why are you a frog and not a prince?”

“Because I don’t become a prince. I give adventures.”

“What kind of adventures?” asked Beam.

“The BEST adventures. Kiss me and see for yourself.”

“You first,” said Poppins to Beamka. 

“No you!” answered Beam. “Cats love adventures.” The frog said, “I promise to give you the BEST adventure. Why are you waiting?”

When Poppins began to kiss the frog, the frog jumped into the water. Poor Poppins fell into the water. The frog laughed and swam away. “I told you I give only the best adventures!” 


Poppins3 copy




“UN” = NOT

kind • unkind (not kind)

clear • unclear (not clear)

happy • unhappy (not happy)

friendly unfriendly

CHAPTER 3: The three strawberries

Poppins was not happy.  

“I am not talking to a frog again!" he said.  “What an unhappy day!  I want to go home."

But Beamka said, “Wait! I will be back soon."  Beamka ran away. When he was gone, a chipmunk came out and looked at Poppins.

“Hello,” he said. “Do you want a strawberry?” 

“Yes! Of course!” said Poppins.

“I'm sorry, I don't have one.”

“Then why did you ask me if I wanted a strawberry?”

“To be kind. If I had a strawberry I would give it to you.”

“If you do not have a strawberry, it is unkind to ask if I want one!”   

“I'm sorry. I will look for one.” The chipmunk ran away. Beamka came back.

“Poppins, I have a surprise for you! I found 3 big ripe strawberries: one for you and two for me!”

“Beamka, thank you! I'm so happy.”

“Hello,” said the chipmunk.  “I'm back.” He looked at the three strawberries. “Beam found the strawberries I wanted to give you,” said the chipmunk to Poppins.

“I did?” answered Beamka.  “I'm sorry!” 

“If you are really sorry, then give one strawberry to Poppins and one to me!” Beamka is very kind. Beamka gave the chipmunk a strawberry. The chipmunk ate it and ran away, laughing.

Poppins ate his strawberry and then said, “I think we have been tricked two times today, Beamka.” 




don’t = do not

didnt = did not

lets = let us

cant = can not

Im = I am




CHAPTER 4:  Bored

     Poppins and Beamka were bored [they did not know what to do].

     “It’s boring without guests,” said Beamka.
     “I knew we forgot something when we packed our things!"
     “No, Poppins! You don’t pack guests in a suitcase! You invite them to dinner.”
     “Well, let’s find someone to invite.”
     Soon they found a grasshopper sitting on a leaf.
     “Hello!” said Poppins and Beamka. “Would you like to come to dinner?” 
     “I can’t.”
     “What a pity. Why can’t you come?”
     “Because I’m watching this drop of water. When it falls I will applaud.


     “Yes, applaud. I move my feet together many times and make a nice sound.”

     “Oh, that’s very exciting,” said Poppins and Beamka.

     “If you want, I will teach you how to applaud when this drop falls.”

     Poppins and Beam waited 1 hour, then 2 hours, and then 3 hours.
     “Beamka,” whispered Poppins, this is very boring.”
     “I agree! Let's go home.”
     “But we don’t have any guests.”
      Beamka thought a minute and said, “Poppins would you like to come to dinner?” 
     “Thank you. I’m very hungry. But why didn’t you invite me when we were at home? We sat here three hours doing nothing!”
     “No, Poppins! Now we know how much fun it is at home.”






CHAPTER 5: Honey

Poppins and Beamka found a new friend. It was a bee. “Hello! Who are you?” they asked.

I’m a bee.
What does that mean?” asked Poppins.
It means I love flowers and I am very busy.  I make honey.
How? asked Poppins.
I get it from the flowers, answered the bee.” There are many flowers in the garden.
Suddenly, Beam saw a gardener. She was wearing a yellow dress. The bee flew to her. “Poppins, look at that BIG yellow flower!” said Beamka. 

I think that BIG flower must have a lot of honey! said Poppins. 

But the bee didnt get the honey, answered Beamka. “Look, the flower ran away.






CHAPTER 6: Early in the morning

     Early in the morning it is very quiet. There is no noise.  It is very still. Everything is peaceful.  The lake sleeps.  The boats sleep. The air sleeps.  The leaves sleep.  People sleep.  Beamka and Poppins sleep.  

     And the mice play.

     The sun comes up.  The lake wakes up.  The boats wake up.  The air wakes up.  The leaves wake up.  People wake up.  Beamka and Poppins wake up.  The world wakes up.  

     And the mice go to sleep.


CHAPTER 7:  Summer is over

     One morning when Poppins and Beamka woke up, the air was soft and cool. “Poppins,” said Beamka, “summer is over.”

     “Summer is over?” answered Poppins. “What does that mean?”

     “It means there are red berries on the trees. It means there is firewood in the shed. It means the potatoes are gathered. It means the pears are ripe. It means the mushrooms are ready to gather. It means it’s time to go to school!”

     Poppins looked at Beamka. His eyes were very big. “Beamka! How can 3 little words mean so much?!”    

    3.5   DSCN5697   bigger pears   Shaggy mane mushrooms.      ….  Red berries on trees.                Firewood in the shed.               Pears are ripe.             Mushrooms are ready. 

—Author, Mrs. Chips

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