Never regret the past (4)

Nikolai Yaroshenko

Artist: Nikolai Yaroshenko

Original poem in Russian. Translation: InterestEng. staff

Never, in anything, regret the past.
Whatever happened is not to be changed —
But crumpled like a tattered list for milk, eggs, and bread; 
Broken off like a frail, dangling thread.

Never, in any way, regret what has happened —
Or that which, you now know, will not be.
From the depths of your soul remain undisturbed. 
Lift yourself above it on wings like a bird.

Never, never hold on to regret,
That too late you began, or too early fled.
Be glad that someone else plays well on his flute, 
The beauty of the song could not be without you.  

Never, in anything, regret the past:
The days lost, or the love that did not last.
Be glad that another plays brilliantly on his flute; 
And you, still more brilliantly, listen to the tune.

                                                     — Andrei Dementiev

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