Kindness (3)

Making Jam

Artist: Vladimir Makovsky

Original poem in Russian. Translation: InterestEng. staff

Dates and faces are erased
But as long as I shall live 
Will come to me remembrances
Of warmth freely given.

A jacket given in the rain.
Or words playful and witty,
Or tea served on a rickety table,
Or a face lit with kindness and pity.

Like a holiday, happiness, or miracle.
Comes Kindness upon the earth still.  
And of her presence I shall not forget,
Though of Evil I surely will.

—Yulia Drunina

     1.) erase: to completely remove something (a thought, a feeling, a memory, or a mistake).

     2.) shall: will [future tense of “to be”].  I will live.

     3.) remembrances: memories; something you remember.

     4.) warmth: warm [kind, loving] feelings.

     5.) witty: something written or said that is funny and smart.

     6.) rickety: old and not in good shape or condition.

     7.) pity: to feel sad for someone because of his or her problems.

     8.) surely: definitely.

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