Giants in the earth (3)








Before we begin, please get a piece of paper and a pencil. Please draw a bird. If you are not pleased with it, you can draw it again.  Now draw a horse. You do not need to hurry. The mystery will wait. It has not been solved for 9000 years. Another 10 minutes will not hurt anything.


     In the year 1927 a man named Toribio Kesspe began to hike through the hills of Peru.  In the middle of the day he stopped to rest and eat some food.  He sat on the hilltop and looked down. He thought he saw huge shapes in the ground: lines, circles, and squares.  He climbed down the hill, but found only piles of rocks.  He climbed to the top of the hill again, and saw the shapes again. When he returned home he told his friends about the strange shapes. People listened, smiled, and then went back to their work.

     Thirteen years later, in 1940, another man named Paul Kosok, heard the story of the strange shapes. He traveled from North America to South America to see for himself. As his plane flew over Peru, he was shocked. He saw a gigantic [very, very big] hummingbird flying across the ground.  The bird was 93 meters long! Then he saw a huge monkey looking up at his plane.  The monkey’s feet were perfectly drawn. There was a spider, a whale, a dog and other animals. 


How were the drawings made?  When were they made? And why?  Many people began to travel to Peru to find answers.  The easiest question to answer was how they were made.  The first clue was a wooden stake. It was found at the end of one of the drawings.  What did this tell the researchers?   [ANSWER.]

When the stakes were found they could tell how old the drawings were by testing the age of the wood.  Now scientists knew how the drawings were made and when.  Such drawings can be found all over the world.  There is a 3000 year old horse in England. The oldest drawings are 9000 years old.  The largest drawings are more than 200 meters across. In some areas of the world there are only drawings of circles. In other areas of the world there are only drawings of lines and squares.  And in some places of the world there are only animal drawings.  What do you think is the reason for this?


Why were these pictures drawn on the ground so that you cannot see them unless you climb a hill?  Who was meant to see them?  No one?  Some scientists think the pictures are related to astronomy.  Some scientists think the pictures are religious.  Some think they are constellations.  And some people truly believe the pictures were made by aliens! No one has been able to prove why the pictures were made.  

But one man decided to prove that the drawings were not made by aliens! The man was a private investigator.  What do you think he did to prove the drawings were not made by aliens?  (ANSWER.)


In the year 1998, the Marree Man, appeared mysteriously in a desert in Australia. He is 4.2 kilometers tall!  It is the second largest ground drawing in the world.  Even today, no one knows who made it, or why.

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