January 23rd

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HER name is Gogo. It means “grandmother”. Gogo lives in Kenya. All her life she dreamed of the wonder of being able to know how to read and write.  Now, at age 90, she’s doing just that—in class 4 in school.

     When she was a little girl her family was too poor to send her to school. She worked to help her family. Then she married young, as was the custom then. She had her own family. But she didn’t stop dreaming of going to school. Gogo is now in school with her great-great-grandchildren. She is learning to read and write and do math.

     Why go to school now?  Gogo sees children who have no hope. She sees children who do not know what to do. She wants to show them they can succeed. She tells girls, “Education is your wealth.”

      It is not important where you were born, or how old you are. Education is for everyone, according to Gogo.

—Story originally found on BBC News.

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