January 21st

THIS is a story from an island, Mordochka, and it’s about finding lost treasure. 

     In 2012 a man who is a glass blower, named Eben Horton, needed to find a new reason to get up each day because his business wasn’t going well. Times were hard and people weren’t buying glass art. So, what did he do, ol’ Mordochka, my boy?  He decided to make beautiful glass orbs like fishermen used years ago to float their nets.  Eben then hid them all along the beaches of Block Island for people to find.  Yes, that’s right. He left them for people to find and keep!  Yes, yes, that’s right. Times were tough so he decided to find a way to give.

     Even when his business turned around, he kept making the beautiful orbs for people to find. He makes about 500 every year. People from all over the world have found them. It makes them smile. It makes them feel special. It makes them feel happy that someone would do something so kind.  Yes, Mordochka, go hide your stick for another dog to find. I’ll wait here. I won’t look, I promise. 

—Story found on various websites and news sites.

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