January 18th

Photo courtesy Annie Spratt, Unsplash!


MORDOCHKA, do you remember the story of the man and his wife in England who took their housekeeper to Egypt to see the pyramids and ride on a camel?  This story is also about that man. 

     One day Michael was driving to town and wasn’t paying attention very well and, unfortunately, he banged into a car in front of him and pushed in the trunk. But in England they call it a boot, not a trunk. No, I don’t know why. I asked a British friend but she didn’t know why either. Michael wasn’t a careless man. It’s just that the roads to towns in England are narrow—and there are hedgerows all along the road that make it hard to see around bends and such.

     In any case, the family in the car that got banged in the boot was very upset!  The father said lots of very unkind things to Michael and finally ended by saying, “Now what are we doing to do? I’m out of work and we don’t have money to get this fixed!”

     Michael apologized over and over again and told him not to worry.  He took the man’s name and address and promised he would pay for everything. And do you know what Michael did, Mordochka?  He bought the family a new car and, all the rest of Michael’s life, he gave the father work as a handyman at Lower Common Farmhouse.

—Told to us by Michael when we were visiting him once 
and asked about his incredibly kind handyman.

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