Chapter 3

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Grasshopper socks and a note from Hopper left out to dry.





CHIRP found a note when he went to visit Hopper one Sunday. The note said, “I left! I will be back when I re turn [return] and not a min nut [minute] later.” Chirp was sad because Hopper was not home. He sat on a flower to wait for him. Chirp thought, “Hopper always keeps his promises. I am sure he will be back not a minute later!”  

     But then Chirp thought, “How long is a minute? Maybe I should ask someone.” First, Chirp saw a little bird. He said to the bird, “Please, how long is a minute?” 

     The bird said, “A minute is a BIG piece of time. In one minute I can do many things!” And then she flew away to do many things. 

     “Thank you,” said Chirp as she flew away. But he still was not sure how long a minute is. He decided to ask someone else. He then saw a turtle and said, “Please, Turtle, how long is a minute?”  

     The turtle said slowly, “A minute is a very small piece of time! You cannot do very much in a minute.” And then she S L O O O O O O W L Y [slowly] walked away. 

     Chirp said, “Thank you” and left. But he still was not sure how long a minute is. 

     Suddenly Chirp saw Hopper and said, “Hello, Hopper! Please, can you tell me how long a minute is?” 

     “Why do you want to know?” asked Hopper.

     “Because I want to know when you will be back,” said Chirp. 

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