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  “I believe life can be much more interesting. The only person stopping you from making life more interesting is you.” — Peter Sharp


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§ STORY SUBJECT: Give people happiness. People you do not know.

PETER Sharp lives in Australia. He wants to make people happy.  He does funny things to make people laugh. Sometimes he dances on a train. At first, people think he is a little crazy. Peter says, “That is “O.K.!” Soon people smile. Peter is happy when people smile. Then, some people get up and dance with him! He helps people be happy together. 

     Peter wants us to trust [not be afraid of] people we do not know: like people on a train, or people in the store. One time he stood on a street with a plate of cookies. He went up to people and said, “How could you pay for [buy] a cookie without money?” At first people do not know what to say. Then people start to think. One person started to sing a song. Peter gave her a cookie. One person started to dance. Peter gave him a cookie. One person gave Peter a kiss. He gave her 2 cookies! He made everyone smile and laugh. 

     Peter thinks people want to be kind to each other. They want to feel free when they are with strangers [people you do not know]. Peter says that people are taught to be afraid. They need help to learn to feel free with people they do not know.

     In Peter’s country there are people called Aborigines [a bor IG a neez]. They were the first people to live in Australia. Their skin is black. Most people in Australia have white skin. In the year 2012, 13% [percent] of all the people in Australia said that they do not trust Aborigines. Peter had an idea to help change this feeling. He asked an Aboriginal girl, a friend of his, to stand on a beach where people go to swim in the ocean. She put a scarf over her eyes so she could not see. She put a sign by her feet that said, “I trust you. Do you trust me?  Let’s hug.” 

     What do you think? Did people hug her? Watch the second video to find out.

     Peter says, “Fear is selfish [selfish: thinking about yourself]. Making people happy is unselfish [thinking about other people].” If Peter asked you to dance on a train, would you?!

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