Izhar and the paper bike (2)


Images courtesy Izhar Gafni


§ STORY SUBJECT: Using what you have to make life better!

IZHAR Gafney loves bicycles and he loves to make things. He loves to make things out of what he can find around him.  

     One day Izhar read a story about a man who made a canoe [a boat Native Americans made long ago] out of cardboard [heavy paper]! Because Izhar loves bicycles he thought, “What if I could make a bicycle out of paper?!” It would be easy to carry. It would not cost a lot of money. It would help people who do not have cars and who cannot pay for bus tickets.

     It took Izhar one and a half years [18 months] to build his first cardboard bicycle. It looked funny, but he could ride it!  Izhar worked harder to make the bicycle look better and work better. 

     Now his dream is to make bicycles for poor people. He wants to make it easier for them to get places.  His bicycle will cost about $20 [twenty dollars] and weighs 20 pounds [9 kilograms].  He is happy because he can help people with his idea and his bicycles do not hurt the environment. Cardboard, like paper, is made from trees. The bicycle does not use gasoline or oil. It does not hurt the earth. It does not pollute [make dirty] the air.

     Izhar is now working to make cardboard wheelchairs, carts, and other useful things.

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