Why do laughing doves laugh?

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In Afghanistan there is a breed of dove called laughing doves. This student was given the assignment to make up a story about why laughing doves laugh.

ONE day a dove woke up early to find something to eat. She found a little piece of bread. She ate the bread then went and sat on a tree. Her friends came and sat with her. They started to sing and laugh because the day was so beautiful. They wanted to say to people, “Wake up!  It’s a beautiful morning.”  

Then they flew to find water to drink. They saw a kind girl. She went and got water for them to drink. The kind girl smiled to see them drink and talked with them and laughed with them. The doves loved the girl so much that every day they went to talk to her. Together they were singing songs and laughing with each other and enjoying life. 

The doves were very happy because there were sunny days and when people woke up they knew how to be happy, how to enjoy the life, how to make each other happy. They didn’t do fake laughing and didn’t try to make each other sad. When people had any food they shared it with their families and friends. This is the reason why laughing doves laugh and are happy.   

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