It’s better to think about it now

The question is not, “Can you make a difference?”  
You already do make a difference. It’s just a matter of what kind
of difference you want to make. — Julia Hill


Photo courtesy Susan Stark

I’VE been learning about the environment this year. A year ago I never thought about it. I don’t know why. Now that I understand more, I think about it more. We think we can use a lot of things that aren’t good for the environment and this year, or next year, or even in 15 years, we can still live like this. When I learned there’s a trash island in the ocean as big as France, I understood we have to change the way we live.    

    Everyone can help. Old people can help and so can very young children. I’m surprised how much I now know I can do. I’m learning to be a tailor. After work I take small pieces of cloth that we used to throw away and I make them into face cloths, and nose cloths, and cloths to clean the floor. Also I fixed something at home that was broken instead of throwing it out. It was a multiple socket plug. I saw how to fix it and I fixed it. Now it works!

    One week I tried to live without using plastic. It was a little hard at first because so many things are put in plastic. For example, we have to buy clean water. It is in plastic bottles. But now I reuse my plastic bottle. I wash it well and fill it again with water I boil at home. After the first week it got easier to use less plastic. It got easier because I really tried to do it and I knew it was possible.

    It’s good to clean up trash. But we should think about what we can do so we stop making so much trash. People have to change the way they live. But first they have to change the way they think.   

    A year ago, I didn’t think about these things. Now I’m glad I do.  

                                                                                                                          —The Gentle Youth


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