New ways to do things

Photo courtesy, Unsplash!

THIS year I’m learning about the environment. We watched a funny video that helps you understand there are new ways to do things if you think about it. I think in my work at my friend’s tailor shop there is something that has not been done before. Now if there are three suit coats to make and we are three people, every person makes one whole coat and it takes a lot of time. 

    But we could make them by each tailor doing one part. For example, I could make the 2 sleeves, my friend could make the 2 front sides, and our third friend could make the back. If we each did one part 3 times, it would be much faster. We would be expert at our part and do it more quickly and well.

    I shared this idea with my friends and they liked it. They said we could try it.

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