It makes me SO happy

Photo courtesy, Unsplash

ERE in the country we are now in until we can go farther, people speak a language I don’t know and because I can’t speak it I use my English! It helps me a lot to improve. And sometimes I help people that don’t know English. I’m SO happy when I can help them. They smile when they understand. I help everyone I can. Here it is so hard for Afghan people because we can’t speak with people. It is especially hard for old people. So I help someone every day.    

     [Two weeks later.]      

     I’m in my new country now. We came yesterday. I’m in quarantine now. When I move to my home I will write all about everything.
     I will be SO happy if you tell how can I help teach people in Afghanistan because I really want to help.
* I miss Afghanistan so much. Now I’m just trying to be fine with my new home, new people, new places and all new life.  —Bold Afghan Biker

* The writer is very young.

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