Inspired by my mother

Photo courtesy, Firoz Sidiqy, Unsplash! 


I WILL always try my best to be a useful person for my country and for all humans.   
      My mother wanted to be a doctor but years ago when the Taliban came to Afghanistan she couldn’t go to school. But my mother still learned to read and write in
both Dari and Pashto. She is very intelligent. She still reads many different kinds of  books. She is very kind and the best mother anyone could have. She has fought many times with people because of us, to protect  our rights. I am very proud of my mother. 
     Because of her I stayed in Afghanistan. I was given a way to leave but I want to stay. My university opened again. 
We have 6 subjects: business law, statistics, HRM [Human Resources Management], consumer behavior, retail management, and psychology. I just finished my first exams. My exams were very great. I am sure I will take good marks. After 20 days they will tell us the results.  —Bright Afghan Star

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