The best of Afghanistan

Our long time, and very accomplished, writer, Frozan, here shares one of the most special stories we could ever hope to publish. Frozan has 5 sisters and 1 brother.


Photo courtesy Unsplash!


THIS year is quite a special year for us because almost all of us (except my father and 5-year-old sister) are studying. After a lot of persuasion and insistence my mother has started going to school too! It is a very happy thing for all of us. My mother was really hesitant about it because she thought she is too old to learn now; but all of us in the family insisted she should give it a try. She was also hesitant because she thought she would not be able to do both the housework and study at the same time, so all my siblings and I are more self-sufficient this year and try to help more around the house. I am glad my studies are online and I am at home because I can look after my youngest sister so that my mother can go and study. If someone comes to our house in the afternoons, they will see that all of us are doing homework and studying!  —Frozan

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