Believing to see good

Ocean day

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Clear honest thinking can sometimes be a warning, a wake-up call, or even a way to return to putting our trust in good, not evil. 

WAR is a horrible poison. It would affect not only those who breathe the air of war, but also those who hear about it, read about it and watch it on their screens. War would kill the good in humanity and release evil. The poison, needless to say, is as dangerous for the opponents of war as for its supporters. Like any disease, much depends on humanity’s inner immunity. . . .    
     There are still people who are thinking. I 
recently read the words of a young woman who wrote that she is sure the hardest times, in the end, make us better. From this I thought with shame (for I’d been seeing only the worst for the future as a result of these days as if my soul was in a nuclear winter), but suddenly I thought, why live if you don’t know how to see good anymore?  — N.

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