What will the world do with Afghanistan?

Photo courtesy Nsim Dadfar, Unsplash


The plight of Afghanistan is not just the future of it’s young women. Many young men and families are yearning for real progress for all. And, as our Journalist of Hope writes, they still believe in it.

IT was after the September 11th, 2001 that the world discovered Afghanistan. Afghanistan had become the terrorist nest. The great powers of the world intervened to save the world from the ignorant fire of terrorists and rushed to the aid of Afghanistan. They helped Afghanistan escape the tyranny of the Taliban. With the help of the world, Afghanistan was able to achieve an inclu- sive and democratic government. After the removal of the first Taliban government, the world was ready to work together to modernize Afghanistan.
     For 20 years, the world continued to provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and strive for a self sufficient and independent Afghanistan. For 20 years, the world did not leave Afghanistan alone and proved that Afghanistan is a part of the world. 
      Now the world is having a harder time seeing the problems of Afghanistan as still a part of itself (the world). It is tempting to pass by indifferently. But with Afghanistan back in Taliban hands the world actually became more aware of this affected part of itself.  Afghanistan is still a part of the world, a part that is in dire straits today, and, as I watch the world, it is finding ways to keep Afghanistan a part of the world and not leave this part to itself. I believe the world will be with Afghanistan until Afghanistan becomes self sufficient. 
                                                                                                                        — Journalist of Hope

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