The rights we all deserve

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Using her English skills and what she is learning in school, the following “letter” was written by a young Tajik high school student to the young women of Afghanistan to give them hope.

Hello, I’m your neighbor.      
     I live next to you in Tajikistan. I want to tell you about women’s rights in my country to give you hope. 
We have special articles to explain our rights. One article, for example, says, “Men and Women are Equal”. 
     This means women have the same rights as men. Men do not have the right to forbid us our rights. Sometimes women have the situation where men want to limit our rights, but we do not let them. We have rights, for example, about marriage that say: “Men and women can be married only when they are 18-years-old and they must be married of their own free will.”
     Another article says, “All people can vote for the country's president when they are 18-years-old. It is not important if you are a woman or a man, everyone can vote.  
     There is another law about school. It says that everyone should finish school. It is a law that students must finish at least 9 years of school. After that, those who want to learn 2 more years must be allowed to. 
     Another important law says, “We must respect the rights and freedom of each other. And we must not do anything that destroys the rights or freedom other people.”
     I hope my little essay helps you understand better the rights we all deserve.
A Friend from Tajikistan

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