The gift of kindness


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This month we welcome yet another wonderful, gentle new writer.

ULLY was a young lady. She was the most beautiful girl in her own way with soft, flowing red hair. She was not that tall but her face was shining like the sun. Her smile melted any heart and her eyes were home to hope. With all this, her kind heart defined her the best. She was so kind and gentle. All the little animals that lost their mother in the winter thought of her as mother. The young trees touched her hair and smelled the spring from her hair. She was friends with nature and humans. Everyday she woke up and fed the animals and watered the plants. Her endless love helped nature heal. 

One day she took her umbrella and walked in the woods. She smelled the fresh air and talked to the trees and bears. The bears dance around her. That day she felt different and very free. She let the umbrella fly from her hand. Her red hair turned to a ray of sunlight. It lit up every- thing and everything was light. She started to dance and felt lighter than a feather. She danced faster and faster, and started to fly higher and higher. The bears looked up with surprise and shock. She danced like a butterfly in the sky. And suddenly she was lighter than even the air
. . . and disappeared. 

Now she lives forever as the touch of kindness. The wind takes her all around the world. People breathe her kindness and become kinder and more beautiful. Hundred of years later people still breathe kindness to calm their minds and hearts. 

                                                                                                                        —The Patient One

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