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The cause of Afghanistan’s internal strife     

RELIGION can’t be a reason for making a person superior in her or his behavior. Islam is a religion of mutual acceptance and equality. In Islam, no human being is superior to another and no human being is worse. We are taught that we should respect everyone as he or she is.  In the time of the prophet Muhammad, the prophet Muhammad treated equally Muslims
and non-Muslims alike. Shiites and Sunnis are branches of the same religion. They're both Muslims. They only have different beliefs about the leaders of Islam. Both are members of the Islamic family. None is superior or more special than another. 

In Afghanistan, there are flowers of both branches who live together. They have no problem with each other in principle. They can live together in peace and tranquility. The problem in Afghanistan isn’t being Shia or Sunni. An extremist group, under the pretext of being Shia and Sunni, launches brutal and inhumane attacks and kills people. Of course, not only Shiites are killed in Afghanistan, they are killed in every ethnic group and religion. No group is an exception in war and every group and class is victimized. 

It’s a mistake of some media outlets to exaggerate, in some cases, even incorporating their beliefs and views into their news coverage. An example of this is last year’s attack on Kabul University. In that attack there were victims from every Afghan ethnic group (Hazara, Tajik and Pashtun) and from both religious branches (Shia and Sunni) and from both sexes (girls and boys). This is not a war of religion. It’s a war of ignorance. In Afghanistan war is a weapon used against the pen.
                                                                                                        — Afghan Journalist of Hope

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