Wonderful YOU!

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” —Marilyn Monroe.

Photo courtesy Jordan Donaldson, Unsplash!


Nora is a new writer for us from West Bengal, India. She not only has a very high level of English, but she uses her writing skills, in both English and Bengali, to encourage and strengthen women. Welcome, Nora!

I LOVE this quote of Marilyn Monroe’s. No one is the same, or can be as any other, in this attention-hungry, competitive world   of ours. Everyone is unique in their own way: their choices, hobbies, talents, habits, preferences, etc.       
     These differences make you who you are. 
Yes, you’re different from everyone else!  Trying to imitate others can only dull your shine. Stay true to your indi- viduality. The world needs you just as you are because it is the best you can ever be. You have to accept yourself: both your flaws and your shimmer. You can always work toward bettering yourself while staying true to your originality. We need to accept the good and be patient with the not-so-good in ourselves, and in everyone else, while not expecting others to be just the same as we are.  Nora

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