Women who soar

Soar means to rise above what is ordinary and reach a high goal.


Photo: public domain

 Amelia Earhart played a big role in making it possible for ordinary people to fly. She was one of the first people to tell companies who make planes that they must find a way to make passenger planes.


AMELIA EARHART was a perfect woman. What is most important to me is that she was a brave woman. I love her courage. She did what I dream to do. I want to do something that other people are afraid to do. I love to help other women and I love to do what is really right and not just what people say is right. I have a dream to be one of the people who changes the idea that a girl in Afghanistan is not powerful. In Afghanistan people think that a girl cannot be a president. In Afghanistan it is hard for most men to have a boss who is woman because they think that women are lazy and can do nothing without putting on make-up. But this is not true. I have a dream to bring big change to women’s lives here. 

     It is sad that Amelia died so young, but dying for what you love is the best death.  I think that life is not just for coming to this world and then dying. Life is for having an affect on other people’s lives. Life is for helping those who need our help. —Farida

—Farida is fifteen. Her native language is Dari. She has been learning English less than one year.  She studies at SOLA, the School of Leadership in Afghanistan. Her dream is to become president of Afghanistan. 

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