Why I learned to code


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Here we welcome a special new writer for InterestEng. You all know his mother. Our new writer is the son of The Gentle One. We’ll call him The Gentle Youth. He graduated from high school and, in February, started learning coding. He has worked very hard. Here shares with us why he loves it so much.  

     His is his very first app, made to help young children learn math, he succeeded in doing only 3 months after starting to code. This would be a good accomplishment for anyone but, remembering that he is learning all the terms and concepts in a language that is not his native language, this a wonderful accomplishment. We’re very proud of him.  (Click the picture to try his app!)

I LOVE coding because it is an art and one of the great jobs we can perform in the world. We can do a lot of things with coding. For example, we can make apps to help people learn many good things, or apps that help us do our daily tasks. We can make a website and put useful things on it so people can benefit from it. 

     I learned a lot of things from coding, like how an app actually works and how to design one. I learned that we should have apps that people really need and know which apps they use a lot. 

     We have to follow these four steps to solve any problem in coding. 

     1: Think carefully
     2: Be exact     
     3: Don’t hurry
     4: Go step by step. 

     If we know and learn coding well, we can solve any of our problems in this easy way.  

                                                                                                                              — The Gentle Youth

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