Where I am from


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Story by Farida, whose native language is Dari. Farida is a graduate of SOLA, School of Leadership, Afghanistan, and is studying for the first time abroad in high school.

I am from Afghanistan.
I am from the flat roof houses,
The roofs that I have never been on.

I am from mountains and rivers.
I am from the land of snow,
White like a paper,
Cold like ice, bright like the sun.

I am from a big family,
The big family of eight people:
My father and my mother, 
Five sisters and one brother

I am from Eid and love,
From gathering and peace,
Wearing new clothes,
Enjoying delicious foods.

I am from a small world,
A world in which everyone is near me,
My aunts and my uncles,
My friends and relatives.

I am from a doll’s world. 
Dolls, my faithful friends.

I am from an angel called mom,
Wise and kind.
My father taught me life.
He showed me the meaning of honesty.
He said, “
Respect others to be respected.

I am from many schools,
With many good friends.
I am from licking ice creams in the streets with girlfriends,
(Something strictly forbidden!)

I am from studying and working hard
From living life
And from joy.

— Farida

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