When no one can hear, I talk to my mirror




     This story by Aida, one of our new writers from Afghanistan, is in response to a wonderful story in September by Awder called, “I love English. I practice in the shower”.  This is Aida’s first story for InterestEng. Welcome!


MY mirror is my friend. We talk to each other. It is because I love the English language very much and want to improve my English a lot. We speak English to each other. English is the first foreign language I ever learned. At home I speak Dari and at school we speak Pashto.

     Afghan people are proud of me that I learned English. All the people in Afghanistan cannot speak English and I am very young to know English. People like to hear a 14 year old girl speak English. This is why I practice English all the time and always talk to myself in English.  If I am in the bathroom, if I am on the street or at school I talk to myself.  I practice it a lot. Whenever I take a shower I first stand in front of the mirror and have a conversation with it. The mirror is very small, but it loves to talk with me. For instance, I choose a title first and then we discuss it. We talk maybe 15 minutes. I feel very comfortable when I finish my conversation.  

     When I speak with the mirror, sometimes I think the mirror talks with me and answers my questions. My sister Asia used to think that I have a sickness because I  always talk to myself and she said that I need to go to the doctor!  

     Then I told her that I am not sick, but want to make plans and improve my English. I dream of being an author. I really love to write poems. Whenever I am alone, my mind is full of poems. Then I write them down. I want to be an author because by my writing I can share people’s sadness with others because I am afraid that nobody cares about people’s sadness. I want to write in a way that people will care. There are lots of good and wise people. I want people to know these people. I want to show that these people are heroes. I want to correct what people have said wrong about my country. They say some bad people are good and they say that some good people are bad.  I want to correct this. I want to write about my country and it’s culture and share it with the others.

     When I stand in front of the mirror it shows me completely WHAT IS TRUE. I love my friend the mirror because the mirror is a great friend. It TELLS ME all the things TRUE. It never lies to me.  §

Here are two haiku poems by Aida.



Bernard Landgraf:free use

Photo courtesy Bernard Landgraf


I really love kids

But they don’t love me so much

Since I kiss them so


Winter is coming

Let’s prepare for the snowflakes

I love snow leopards

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