What do they eat to get so tall?

Story by Anisgul. . .  who is a very good sport!  Native language Pashto. 


Anisgul off the court, at her American host family’s home, talking to the editor by Skype.


THIS is the story of the first time I played basketball. At our first game, I begged my coach, “Please don’t make me play!”  Well, first I asked the little coach [assistant coach], to ask the big coach [head coach] to please let me not play. I asked so nicely, but our big coach made me go play. I didn’t want to play because I didn’t want to hurt my team. I wanted them to win. 

     When I started to go out on the court he said, “Do you know where to go?” But I didn’t know where to go. When I stood in the wrong spot a girl said, “No, stand here.” Another girl said, “No, stand here.” I said, “Where? I don’t understand.” The person who has a whistle said, “Stand here!” Then everyone was so quiet. Finally someone came and took me by the arm and showed me where to stand. It was so embarrassing.

     You can’t believe how tall the other team was! I couldn’t believe how tall they were. I couldn’t imagine what they eat to get so tall and strong.  They scored 20 points before we even got one point. I couldn’t believe how many goals they could get so quickly. But in the end, they had 33 points and we had 20 points. It wasn’t so bad. 

     Whenever people started to run I just ran with them. I never touched the ball. I just ran back and forth the whole time. The best part is that our uniforms are blue and that’s my favorite color.

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