What did you see today?

Photo courtesy Chinh Le Duc, Unsplash!

Courtesy Oshomah Abubakar, Unsplash!

Photo courtesy Les Anderson, Unsplash!

We share this story with the permission of an English tutor and her student. The student lives in an area of Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban. Each week, the tutor began the class by asking the student what happened that week.  The response would be, “Nothing happened. Every day is just the same.”   The tutor then began to prepare special things that happened to her each week to share with the student:  “This week I saw two very big bumble bees! When they saw me watching them, they began to work harder.”  Or: “This week when I was making dinner a bird started to sing.  I think she was trying to help me.”  After many weeks the student wrote this to the tutor:

YESTERDAY I saw the most beautiful little girl. I don’t know what her name was. Her skin was as beautiful as a little piece of chocolate. I have never seen a baby like that before. She wore a beautiful red dress. I felt so happy when I saw her.  It made me smile.  I said to my mom, “Please look at how beautiful this baby is! Masha Allah.” *  It was a very beautiful thing that I saw this week, teacher.  —A.

*Editor’s note: Masha Allah means “God has willed” something we have just seen or been able to do. It is an expression of joy and thankfulness.


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