We have to give people a chance


Photos courtesy Frozan


Frozan, a special young woman from Afghanistan and a long-time writer for InterestEng., is currently studying at Dauntsey’s School, a 600-year-old boarding school in England. She is now in her last year there—having excelled in all her studies—and, we’re very pleased to add, has acquired a genuine British accent!

I TOOK part in a one week summer camp this year in Bamiyan, Afghanistan.  The program, as well as the money raised for the camp, was largely the work of one Afghan university student.  He was the top student when I was in year 10 at Marefat School in Kabul.  Now the boy is a university student in Japan. He had the idea of a summer camp for Afghan young people. His Japanese friends then helped him raise the money for the program. Then his Afghan friends helped him organize the program.  All the mentors (I was one of the mentors) were really stressed about the success of the program. But it was one of the best experiences of my life! 

There were 22 pupils (year 10 - 12 at school) and eight mentors—overall 30 people. I got to know so many new people and now we are really good friends. During the preparations and during the program I learned that we have to give people a chance before judging them or having an opinion about them. When I first started working with the other mentors I wasn’t really sure if I could get on with them, but by the end of the program we were really good friends!

     I fell in love with Bamiyan province. I never thought Bamiyan would be so beautiful. The air was so clean, and the people were very friendly. The only problem in the region is the limited educational and health care facilities, unfortunately. 

     After I finished the summer camp, my family joined me in Bamiyan. I had three more days with them there, which made the experience even nicer! —Frozan

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