We are not made of stone


Photograph courtesy Susan Stark


This story is by Frozan, a young girl from Afghanistan who is now studying in a highschool in England. She was part of InterestEng.’s international civics class and, here, she answers the question posed to the students: If you could do anything, what would you really like to do?

THIS is a very hard question. I’m not sure really. I really want to be some kind of teacher. Maybe a teacher of little children. But, actually, I think a better question is, not what do I want to be, but what do I want to change? 

     To answer that question I would say, I want to find a way to change people’s thinking who hate or want to destroy the life of others, and try to find a way to help them live in better ways. So, actually, I would love to work in prisons and help people who are called criminals, those “others”  who people just want to kill and don’t want to help. When we judge someone so fast we should just stop and think about it. Have we been in a situation that we can understand what happened to them? 

      I can never be in their situation so I can’t judge them. The only thing I can do is be kind and try to understand what made them that way. We have a saying in Afghanistan, “We are not made of stone. We are humans and so we can change.”

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