Village life

      This story is by Aida from Afghanistan, who just graduated from high school and will soon go to university in Kabul.  Aida’s native language is Dari. She loves every moment she can spend studying English and really loves to read stories.  She read a story about village life in Russia and then wrote this response.



I HAVE learned many things since I read this true story. I have learned more about how village life is in other countries. I know how village life is in Afghanistan, but I did not know about Russia’s village life. I have learned that Russia and Afghanistan’s village life are a bit the same. 

     Village people work so hard and the work is endless. Village life is not like modern city life, but it is very interesting. A village is a quiet place without loud sounds and noisy traffic. People are close and always care for one another. I learned that in Russia, village people say anything that they want to one another, even if it sometimes hurts them. They are really honest because they think it is good to say what you think.

     We should not say something bad about some people or some place if we have not seen them with our eyes. For instance, if we hear something from television, we shouldn’t believe and judge people all the time and say they are bad.

You can read the original story Aida read  HERE

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