To you, without water

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IT IS SO hard when you do not have water at home! Maybe you have never thought about this. Please stop for a moment and think of all the things you could not do today if you did not have water.    

     First, I would like to tell you a story about my family. At first we had water at home, but now we don’t. We have to bring water from our neighbor’s house or from a place down the road. When I was younger, I had to get up very early before school to get water. It was heavy and hard to carry. It made me tired all the time. After school my sisters would ask me to go get more water. I was tired after school and I had to bring more water. It made me so sad. When I was bringing water, my arms and legs always hurt.  

     In my town, older girls cannot go out on the street alone. And also, it is not good to go a neighbor to ask water because maybe men will be there, or guests. But I was the youngest daughter at home and so I had to get the water. But it was not good for me to bother a neighbor early in the morning. And so sometimes my mother and sisters and I would go very late at night. Sometimes we would go at 10 or even midnight to get water for the next day, even when we were tired. Now I study at a school away from home, but still to this day my family carries water. It’s so difficult for them. There are so many people in the world who are thirsty for clean water. I dream that some day no one will have to carry water.

     I know for myself that water is the most important thing in life. Nothing can replace it. Everything needs water: people, animals and plants cannot live without it. Without water we cannot grow grain or vegetables, wash ourselves, wash our clothes, wash our food, or drink or cook.  Maybe you think there is a lot of water on earth. Only 3% of the water on earth is fresh water. But 2% of this is frozen and so we have only 1% that we can use! We must use it in the right way because there are millions of people who don’t have clean water. They have to use dirty water because they don’t have any other way. No one should have to use dirty water. These people have a lot of patience. It is so hard for them to cook, to be clean, to feel strong and good.  We cannot make more water.  We can only take care of the water we have. — Anisgul

Anisgul is from Afghanistan. Her native language is Pashto.  She studies at SOLA and has recently been accepted at a school in America. Congratulations, Anisgul!

The inspiring film below is about an organization that has brought water to thousands of people worldwide.

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