This summer I reached my dream

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  The letter below was sent to us by a tutor who received it from her student in Afghanistan who she had not heard from in years. The student’s family was forced to flee to India as refugees.  (The relocation ended the tutoring lessons.)  Some three years later, the tutor suddenly received the following letter from Susan, her student.  (Both gave InterestEng. permission to share the letter with you.)         
     For 3 years, it seems, Susan had fought to study at a university in India. First she had the nearly impossible task of getting her high school transcripts from Afghanistan. Then the University of Delhi couldn’t accept her as a refugee, so she applied as an international student. There was only one spot open for an international student, but for the university to accept her, she needed to prove she had health insurance. Every provider turned her down because of her refugee status. As one last hope, she went to an insurance office near her home—and was refused. But she persisted. She told the representative her story and how this was her very last chance—just days before school was to start. The representative told her to wait. Thirty minutes later, the representative came back with the coveted, Yes!  Susan started university in August.  InterestEng. extends it’s sincere congratulations to Susan for her courage, persistence and victory.  The following is Susan’s letter to her former tutor.

My Dear Tutor,

    It’s been such a long time since we chatted and I was your little student learning English.   You helped me change from a little Susan to a Susan who hoped to be a journalist. You helped me start working harder for my goals and showed me there are women who stand alone and win the battle of the impossible.  

     I remember one cold winter night in high school at SOLA [School of Leadership, Afghanistan].  I was running over the yard with a loaf of bread because our tutoring class was at exactly the same hour as dinner. Students were laughing at me for hurrying, but I never wanted to miss our class. Sometimes after finishing the class there was no food remaining for me, but I never complained because one day missing food was better than missing talking to you.  We were reading books together. Each book we read made a wonderful memory which stays forever with me.  I was a girl, a girl whose thoughts were yearning to become something, but I was lost about what to do and be. You gave me chances to work on all of my talents. You said I can be anything I want to be.

     Life has made me very busy, but I never forget you. Today is my birthday so I decided to e-mail you and tell you the good news that I just got accepted at Delhi University. I did all the steps they asked me to do.  I did it!  It was very hard to make my dream come true.  I waited a lot for it, but it was worth it. 

      I thank everyday God that He gives me people I can share my happiness with, who have guided me and helped me. I feel so lucky to have you and my other American tutors.

     Your student, Susan 

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