The toy maker

       This fun story is by Mashal from Afghanistan. This is Mashal’s second story for us. But it includes more! Along the way he made us a toy.  Thank you, Mashal!


The Golden Bird by Mashal

I like very much to make toys.  I made a golden bird. I made a golden bird because gold is a good color.  I have art classes in school. I learn to draw in school.  The bird was fun to make. But it was a little difficult to make. I worked maybe one day to make it. The bird moves up and down. 

     At first I collected the materials I needed: paper, scissors, glue, colored pencils, an empty matchbox and a little wire. Next, with my pencil, I drew a bird on paper and I cut it out with my scissors. Then I drew a tree on my paper and cut it out. I colored the bird and the tree. I glued the tree onto the match box and I put my bird on the tree. Next, with a little wire, I connected the bird’s tail to the inside box of the matchbox. 

     I tried my toy. It worked! When you open the matchbox the bird pecks the tree. When you close the matchbox the bird sits up. My little sisters really like my toys.

Editor’s note: Mashal made his bird after seeing a photo of the toy. He figured out how to do it from the photo and then made his own design. Here is a video by a toy maker in India that shows you how to make it.

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