The sun of our family

Photo courtesy Karl Magnuson, Unsplash!


This month we warmly welcome a new writer to InterestEng. Freshta is not only a university student but is also working for 2 different news organiza- tions in Kabul as a journalist.  Her days start very early in the morning and end late at night, but she is one of the most eager students to have joined the InterestEng. family.  Welcome, Freshta!  

LET me tell you about my grandmother who has a big heart for her family. My grandmother is so kind.  She gives her attention to all members of our family, to her sons and daughters.  Her name is Hayat.  In Persian Hayat means life and she is really our life. She has many health challenges because of her age and all this is because of her care and concern for her children. As you know, Afghanistan has security problems even if we want to think about it or not. My grandmother gives much attention to her family. When we go out from home she worries about our safety up until the time when we arrive home.  Only then she will be relaxed.  
     There are more things that I could say about her too.  She has the best advice to give us for our lives as she has gone a long way in her life.  She tries to tell us key lessons from her life to bring change in our situation for our future life because maybe we will face the same problems in life.  
     The best description for my grandmother is that my grandmother is like a sun around which we all move like little planets. She is like a sun that gives us light and warmth in our life.  All people that know her love her and give attention to her.  And I should say that my love for my grandmother is more than for all the people that are in my life.  —Freshta

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