The song of Afghan women

Sajia is one of our newer writers. She is from Afghanistan and is at university in Kyrgyzstan. Her native language is Dari. At university she learns English and Russian.  


Photo courtesy of an InterestEng. student


THE song in this video is about women rights. The singer talks about all the challenges that a woman faces in Afghanistan. She uses metaphors like, if you break my wings and close my mouth, still I won’t be weak, hopeless, or tired. I am not a weak willow tree that bows in fear before you, and so on.            
     This song is written by and sung by a very famous singer in Afghanistan and it is very powerful.  Always, after listening to this, I have a very stirring feeling. It reminds me of the condition of millions of women in Afghanistan. I especially always think about my mom and how brave we must be in this unfair life.              
     It, of course, makes me angry to think what women have endured for so long, but it makes me more inspired to do some- thing and not be quiet anymore. I believe that the reason behind the lack of rights for women is that we’ve had war in our country for 30 years. It kept my people from going to school and getting an education.  If I could do something to help, I would educate people by giving them books to make them aware of life.—

Please note: the video below has English subtitles.

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