The road to Bamyan

Photo: public domain

This month, the Gentle One tells us about an unforgettable journey to Bamyan.  (After you watch the video following her story, you will know why her trip was unforgettable.)

I WENT to Bamyan about seven years ago with my colleagues. We choose to go to Bamyan because it is a historical and ancient place. I was very excited because it was my first travel to Bamyan. We traveled by car. We left Kabul about four in the morning. But we arrived very late because we stopped on the way. Flood water covered the road and stopped us from going farther. We had to wait until municipal road workers were coming and cleaning away all the water and mud. After that we continued on the way. 

     We went to the Noorband Qala Hotel in Bamyan. After lunch we went to see the famous Budas. I was very happy because I saw the Budas close up. But I was also unhappy because the Budas were destroyed by Taliban.  I’m sorry I did not see the Budas before they were destroyed. I went up the tallest Buda, but I could not go up to the highest part. It was too hard.

     We also went to a woman’s garden. The garden was beautiful trees and different flowers. There was a flower shop and they had flowers for sale. It was near to a river.  It was all very beautiful. — The Gentle One

Below, please enjoy a virtual journey to Bamyan. There are some spectacularly beautiful views in this video. The narrative is equally beautiful.  (The English subtitles take a second or two to appear.)  


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