The most beautiful word



IN my country, we say that,“teachers are our second, and our spiritual, mothers and fathers.”  The word mother is the most beautiful word in the world.  A mother is like an angel for her child. A child is trained [taught] by it’s mother’s hand.  A mother rocks with one hand the cradle [where a baby sleeps], and with the other hand the world. Mother is the greatest and the most beautiful of God’s gifts to us. A mother gladly [is glad] to deprive [not have something for herself] so she can build her children’s futures. Her soul burns to make light for her children. A mother’s gentle hand encourages [supports] them.  A mother’s eyes are everything for her child. Her eyes are full of tears of happiness. They shine like a light. I appreciate [think are valuable] all the mothers in the world because their hearts are full of kindness and compassion, and are so clean. —Frozan

……...—Frozan speaks Dari, Pashto and English.  She studies at SOLA, School of Leadership in Afghanistan. She dreams of being an astronaut. “At night I talk to the stars. I tell them my dreams. They are my best friends. I want to be an astronaut because I want to know with whom I am speaking.”

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